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Google Apps for Education

September 9, 2014


Dear Parents and Guardians,

            Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year! PS 16 has continued to integrate technology into classrooms and prepare students for their future of college and career readiness. Students now have the world at their fingertips and a new innovative ways to learn in their classrooms. We are breaking down barriers to expose students to creating their own material, collaborating and sharing with others students. At PS 16 we strive to strengthen our home-school connection, which is continuously evolving through the use of social media, teacher created websites, our school website and many other platforms.

   PS 16 has also become a Google Apps for Education school, we have our own domain which is closed to the public. As an educator, I’m very excited PS 16 is issuing email accounts to our students.  This tool fits right into the direction the District is headed with regard to a Web 2.0 approach to curriculum, i.e., streaming video, classroom blogging, online learning, electronic portfolios, publishing technology projects, etc. Attached is a form for you to sign in order to give your child permission to participate in this wonderful opportunity.

 This year students will also be learning about digital citizenship and creating a positive digital footprint, with a main focus on cyber bullying and online etiquette. Students will have a gmail account that is linked only to our school domain, which is Students will have access to actually send and receive emails ONLY to their teacher.

The Purpose of Gmail/Google Apps in the Classroom:

·       increases student access to teacher

·       allows student access to other Google products including Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Calendar, etc

·       provides online file storage space available anytime, anywhere

·       allows teachers to share files with students

·       extends the classroom learning environment to the home

·       allows for collaboration among students in the classroom, within a building

·       facilitates group projects

·       motivates reluctant writers

·       provides students with the opportunity to build an electronic portfolio of their school learning experiences

·       provides teachers additional ways to assess student learning

·       allows teachers to provide discreet and effective differentiated instruction

Family Involvement
As a parent or guardian, we want you to be involved too.  You will have full access to your child’s Gmail Account.  Your child’s Gmail Account username and password will be sent home with your child attached to this letter .To access your child’s Gmail account, you will type in and enter the username and password as stated on the back page attached to this letter. You can also go to and sign in with your child’s username and password to see all the apps available on Google Apps for Education

Steps Forward

We are very excited to move forward with 21st Century learning opportunities for your child. Gmail/Google Apps gets us one step closer. As always, please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions. Please sign the permission slip and return to the teacher as soon as possible. If you choose to not let you child participate please still send back the form with the appropriate information filled out.

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Mrs.. Patanio